Client Story: I’m Glad I Found Chris and His Team

March 7, 2022
Chris Macturk
Founding Attorney

I needed help with a property settlement agreement in order to complete my divorce. I had already worked with two attorneys and neither were a good fit for me and my situation.

While the thought of seeking yet another lawyer was daunting and stressful, a divorce resource program recommended Evolution Divorce and I reached out to Chris.

From the beginning, Chris, Makiba and Kaelyn were very helpful. No matter how many questions I had about the process, they were patient and thoughtful and answered my questions thoroughly.

Besides the emotional toll, the cost of divorce weighed on me, particularly as my case took nearly three years from start to finish. I was facing single parenthood and drastic changes in my life after more than 20 years of marriage. However, Chris’s pre-agreed pricing system were vital in helping me get through those long years. That, plus Chris and his team treated me with respect.

We were prepared to go to court but with Chris’s help, my case was settled. Divorce is hard enough. It’s important to find someone who will fight for you while also helping you advocate for yourself.

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