Upfront pre-agreed pricing

Gain Peace of Mind with UpFront Pre-Agreed Pricing

Divorce and child custody cases can be complicated and take months and sometimes years to complete. When law firms charge by the hour, you can’t help but watch the clock and wonder how much every meeting, phone call, or interaction will cost. The last thing you want is to be fearful to communicate because you fear rising costs. Our upfront pre-agreed pricing allows you to move forward with your case without having to think about money constantly.

Stop worrying about your future bill

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Know your budget at the start

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Communicate without fear of getting charged

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How does pre-agreed pricing work?


We Listen to Your Needs and Determine a Plan

At your initial consultation, we’ll take time to understand your situation and determine a plan for your case. Then, we will offer you an Upfront, Pre-Agreed Price (or prices, if applicable) for your particular matter, taking time to explain what went into our pricing consideration for your specific case.


We Determine a Price

The complexity of your case will dictate the price of Evolution’s services. By the close of the next business day you’ll know how much money you need to invest to reach your goals. For more complex matters, we’ll get a quote to you within three business days.


We Make Adjustments if Circumstances Change

From time to time, situations change in a case causing significant changes to the original plan. If changes in fees need to be adjusted, we’ll work with you to come to a new agreement so you don’t have to fret about escalating costs.

What clients say about Evolution Divorce

“Chris was recommended to me because of his reputation and integrity. He is knowledgeable and easy to work with. He kept me focused on realistic outcomes and recommended a great mediator when I said I hoped to stay out of the courtroom. I like his pre-agreed pricing and clearly understood how it worked. Chris coached me through the entire process and lowered my anxiety. Chris and his team are terrific human beings.”


“Knowing Evolution Divorce had a flat rate pricing option meant a lot to me. I was never worried about how much it would cost to write a letter, meet in the office, make a phone call, or write an email. I didn’t have to worry about those things adding up to extra fees because we agreed on the price at the beginning of our engagement.”


You should never feel powerless and alone.

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